Environmentally Friendly Decking Product

Ecodecks are decking panels that are ECO friendly compared to other decking products currently on offer. Offering a natural composite material called Floteak using the ingredients of rubber and cork. 

Composite Construction

ECO-decks are a 100% natural product composed of a mixture of Cork Granules and Rubber which has been compressed into 1 metre wide sheets. The Sheets are machined with caulking grooves ready for caulking for use in the Marine and Leisure Industry. It is environmentally friendly and a sustainable alternative to PVC synthetic teak.

Material Properties

ECO-decks are a Non Slip Decking Product that is always comfortable to walk on in any weather.

The Panels are Stain Resistant and Practically Maintenance Free.
Fully UV stable.
Looks like Teak Decking.

It is both Resistant to impact and Flexible to work with. Other beneficial properties include Thermal Insulation reducing condensation with in the Boat and Sound Insulation properties reducing that unwanted Engine Noise. The material is also Lightweight for easy transportatation.

Decking Panels

ECO-decks are produced from a template. The template may be a more traditional physical template that is converted to a machine file for CNC routering or manufactured from a manufacturers CAD drawing file. Generally a cardboard or plastic copy is machine cut and loose laid aboard the boat to ensure an exact fit. This method lends itself to fully margined deck panels.

Who Fits ECO-Decks?

ECO-decks are fitted by Certified Installers. 

EC-deck composite cork decking
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